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Dreamy Guest Bedroom Ideas

Dreamy Guest Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to have company over for extended stays, so it is in everyone’s best interest that every person feels as comfortable as can be! To make sure everyone is comfortable during their stay—guests and hosts—give visitors the very best. That means fresh flowers, blackout curtains, fluffed pillows, and a few more of the items below. Read on for several ideas, essentials, and style inspirations to curate a guest bedroom that’ll look beautiful and feel great.


Make a Statement

Just because you don’t lay your head to rest there every night doesn’t mean the guest bedroom shouldn’t be up to par design-wise. Opt for a statement headboard, wall art, and built-in lighting for a unique and stylish aesthetic.


Transform the Attic

If all the rooms in your home are occupied or used for some other function, or you just need to set up an extra guest bedroom, use your attic space. If the ceilings are low or sloped, keep everything low to the ground and hang a pendant light to polish things off


Give It a Reading Nook

A window seat is a great addition to a guest bedroom. It’ll give them somewhere to cozy up in that isn’t the communal living room. A dresser is also a nice touch, in case they’d like to unpack any of their belongings.



Get Scrappy With Furniture

When space is limited and you don’t want to shop for new, bulky furniture, use a chair as a side table and install wall sconces to save surface space. A cheerful color, like a pale turquoise hue, is also a good idea to set a happy mood.


Provide a Robe and Towels

Make your guest room feel like a hotel by putting the things they’ll need throughout their stay right there in the room. Some examples include a robe, slippers, and towels. If you want to go the extra mile, leave a carafe of water on the side table.


Make It Do Double Duty

If your home doesn’t have enough space for a guest room but you host a lot, make one of the other rooms in the house (like the family room or home office) serve double duty. Just put a daybed in a corner—make it super cozy and comfortable with tons of pillows and throws.


Use Darker Tones

Keep things streamlined, with clutter at a minimum, and bring in darker colors for a sense of intimacy and coziness. Bedside sconces are a guaranteed way to make your bedroom look and feel as fresh as a five-star hotel room.



Bring Them Breakfast (on a Bench)

Place a bench at the end of the bed to give the room a refined feel. And if you bring your guests breakfast in bed, you automatically earn a reputation as the best host ever. Giving them somewhere to sit other than the bed also diminishes the likelihood of spillage on the bedding.


Dial Up the Art

A gallery wall will give the space character and make it feel more like a home without taking up valuable surface space. An alarm clock and radio are also nice touches.


Don’t Forget Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in the guest bedroom are a small but mighty detail. They communicate that you’re so excited to have them there!


Let the Light in (but Provide an Eye Mask)

If possible, put the guest bedroom in a space where lots of natural light floods in. Just be sure you leave a sleep mask on the bedside table, especially if you didn’t install blackout shades.


Bring in a TV

Deck the guest bedroom out with all the classic pieces, like high-end, traditional monogramed bedding, an orate mirror, full drapes, and a canopy bed. Then add an unexpected, fun throw pillow like this one, which says besos. And a television will be appreciated when guests want to unwind alone, or if they can’t fall asleep.


Lean a Full-Length Mirror

Your houseguests will definitely appreciate having easy access to a full-length mirror, especially when they are living out of a suitcase. It’s also a good idea to bring in plenty of greenery for a balanced, lively environment.


Set Up a Work Space

If space allows, model a hotel room by giving your guests a little en suite work space. A side chair, desk or console, and table lamp are all it takes.



Keep Books in There

Family photos give the guest bedroom a nice personal touch, but the real hero item in this bedroom is that fully loaded bookshelf. Take note and fill the side table with books in case your guests can’t sleep and want something to do.



Introduce a Sitting Area

Give guests a little seating area so they have somewhere private to unwind that isn’t just the bed. A simple reading nook will do, but if there’s enough room, add a loveseat and a small coffee table.


Double the Fun With Twin Beds

You can’t go wrong with twin beds featuring classic white bedding and headboards that match the wallpaper. Embroidered coverlets give them a formal, traditional look, while gingham skirts are a delightfully playful finish.


Credit: Hadley Mendelsohn


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