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10 Modern Looks for Your Sliding Doors

10 Modern Looks for Your Sliding Doors

With prices from mid-range to high-end, sliding and folding door systems can turn an ordinary entryway into an immersive indoor/outdoor space. Get inspired and learn more about the unique functionalities that can be incorporated into your home.


Expand Your Line of Sight

There’s nothing quite like a wall of glass to turn your home into a luxurious entertaining space. The technology built into modern doors and windows like these aluminum thermally controlled design from LaCantina Doors is so much better than products of the past. Manufactured for thermal efficiency in hot, cold and wind-prone environments, you won’t have to worry about opening your home to the elements just to have a five-star view.


Create a Colorful Focal Point

Military Blue is just one of 46 exterior colors available for the MIRA aluminum-clad wood door collection by Ply Gem. Seriously, 46 colors. The Low-E insulated glass and weatherstripping make this line a decorative option with the all-weather functionality you’ll need for extreme weather conditions.


Match the Style of Your Home

Be selective when it comes to choosing a grille pattern for the windows and doors in your home. In a craftsman-style home like this, homeowners use grilles to create vertical proportions. Panes in colonial homes are divided differently than those in Victorian homes. Custom options exist too, so be sure to work with a manufacturer if you have any doubt about what grilles best match the style of your home.


Find Your Zen With Division of Space

You thought sliding glass doors were just for separating indoors from out, didn’t you? In this beautiful master bathroom, a shoji-style sliding door creates privacy without compromising natural light. Choose a system like this to divide areas within your home, such as in a large bathroom or the entryway to a home office space that requires privacy.


Build an Outdoor Kitchen With a Twist

The door/window combination folding system from LaCantina takes glass panels to the next level while retaining all the best thermal performance measures. Designed for an open concept indoor/outdoor kitchen, the construct is truly custom to every remodel, but we love what they did here to accommodate counter space for serving.


Accommodate a Large Patio

Sometimes, a small doorway feels inadequate for a large patio. Consider wider options with more panels. Wide patio doors are the perfect complement to an expansive outdoor living space, and most manufacturers allow you to customize the product to be 2, 3, 4+ glass panels wide. It’s merely a bonus that a wider doorway acts like a giant picture window from indoors, letting in lots of daylight. Ply Gem does it right for this patio outfitted with MIRA aluminum-clad doors in summer yellow, which come standard with multi-point lock system for added security when the party’s over.


Choose Stain-Ready Wood For Truly Custom Doors

Though many sliding door systems are faced with aluminum or vinyl on the exterior for weatherproofing, natural wood on the interior looks high-end in a remodeled space. Choose a stain-ready clear wood if you wish to apply a specific stain treatment, and further customize the look of your space. Wood treatments in the MIRA aluminum-clad doors by Ply Gem are vacuum-treated to resist water damage and fungus.


Maximize the Opening With a Multi-Panel Pocket Door

Tandem rollers make the 4880 pocket sliding patio door from Ply Gem an effortless addition to a modern space, and knockdown frame makes it easier to transport and install the individual panels. This affordable option comes standard in a size that opens to 16’ wide and 8’ high and reviewed as one of the best new pocket doors by professional builders.


Create the Look of High Ceilings

These double sliding doors part in the center to extend access to an outdoor living space. Taller-than-standard glass panels are a modern design feature in homes, and they draw the eye up, making the ceiling feel higher than it is. Consider the height of your ceiling, and review options available from manufacturers that tower over the standard 80″ doorway. You’ll find choices in the 96″-120″ range readily available for a stately remodel.


Written by Emily Fazio – Source


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