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Hate to Burst Your Bubble… But There is No Bubble!

Hate to Burst Your Bubble… But There is No Bubble!

At least in the near future, the next “real estate bubble” everyone is talking about doesn’t exist.  Yes, home prices have gone up quickly in the last couple of years, but nothing like 2004 – 2007, plus none of the indicators that were flashing “dangerous red” are currently going off.  Here’s some solid data to […]

Why I Don’t Like Zillow

I don’t often go on rants or tirades but here comes a big one!  Here’s why Zillow frustrates so many real estate agents and should frustrate you too: Zillow DOES NOT have accurate information on their website, and they don’t care.  Zillow is great at putting up new listings on their site, but once the […]

Should I Sell During the Holiday Season?

“EVERYONE says I shouldn’t sell my house during the holiday season.  Thoughts?” – Joan Hi Joan.  If we lived in ANY other part of the country where it wasn’t 65 degrees and sunny during the winter, I would agree that selling during the holidays is not a good idea. However, the selling season during the […]

Solar Panels Can Complicate or Kill a Deal

Can going green by leasing solar panels for your roof cost you money or give you headaches when you go to sell the house?  Possibly both! Say you get pitched by one of the growing number of companies offering solar panels at no upfront cost that they claim will save you lots of money on […]

When is it Time to Reduce the Price?

“Hi Mike.  We are currently trying to sell our house (unsuccessfully so far) and are wondering when would be a good time to reduce the price.  Thanks in advance.” – Ashton Hi Ashton.  This question is a bit hard to answer considering I don’t know the specifics of your situation, however I will do my […]

10 Things Buyers Hate About Your Home

I work mostly with home sellers, but I also like to take care of my fair share of buyers – mostly because it’s nice to see both sides of the situation and understand the wants/needs of both.  Looking from both sides of the table, I can tell you with 100% certainty that these 10 items […]