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Do I Need a Realtor for New Construction?

“My wife and I are thinking of buying new construction in Chandler.  Do we need a realtor to represent us?” – Robert Hi Robert. When you buy a new house, do you need the services of an experienced real estate agent?  The answer is yes, and here’s why: When you buy an existing house, what […]

What Repairs Can the Buyer Ask For?

“I’m considering making an offer on a home but am concerned about how much work it may need.  My question is: after we do the inspection, how much stuff can I ask to get done?  Can I ask them to remodel a bathroom or update counter tops (pretty sure I can’t)?” – Allie Hi Allie. […]

What Exactly Do Home Warranties Cover?

There are MANY common misconceptions about home warranties, specifically what they do and do not cover.  A home warranty is typically purchased by a seller for a buyer for the purpose of “covering their butt” should anything go wrong in the house.  This policy usually covers the first year of home ownership but can be […]

How Do Interest Rates Affect Buying Power?

In today’s volatile real estate market, I am often asked by buyers: “Should I wait until the market ‘bottoms out’ before I purchase, or should I act now?” The best answer is: “That depends.” It depends on what you want to accomplish. Are you simply wanting to get the ‘cheapest price’ on a house or […]

What is a Final Walk Through?

“I’ve heard a lot about  a ‘final walkthrough’.  What is this exactly?” – Tammy Hi Tammy. The final walkthrough is one of the last steps a buyer goes through in the escrow process – something they do before they sign their final loan documents.  At the final walkthrough, the buyer will visit their new home […]