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Interest Rates Tick Up

Interest Rates Tick Up

I know, I know, talking about interest rates is boring, but things are changing quickly and if you’re thinking of buying a home this year, you need to know a few things: -As recently as October it was possible to get a 30 year fixed loan at 3.42%. As of the last week in December […]

Why I Don’t Like Zillow

I don’t often go on rants or tirades but here comes a big one!  Here’s why Zillow frustrates so many real estate agents and should frustrate you too: Zillow DOES NOT have accurate information on their website, and they don’t care.  Zillow is great at putting up new listings on their site, but once the […]

Solar Panels Can Complicate or Kill a Deal

Can going green by leasing solar panels for your roof cost you money or give you headaches when you go to sell the house?  Possibly both! Say you get pitched by one of the growing number of companies offering solar panels at no upfront cost that they claim will save you lots of money on […]

Do I Need a Realtor for New Construction?

“My wife and I are thinking of buying new construction in Chandler.  Do we need a realtor to represent us?” – Robert Hi Robert. When you buy a new house, do you need the services of an experienced real estate agent?  The answer is yes, and here’s why: When you buy an existing house, what […]

What Repairs Can the Buyer Ask For?

“I’m considering making an offer on a home but am concerned about how much work it may need.  My question is: after we do the inspection, how much stuff can I ask to get done?  Can I ask them to remodel a bathroom or update counter tops (pretty sure I can’t)?” – Allie Hi Allie. […]

What Exactly Do Home Warranties Cover?

There are MANY common misconceptions about home warranties, specifically what they do and do not cover.  A home warranty is typically purchased by a seller for a buyer for the purpose of “covering their butt” should anything go wrong in the house.  This policy usually covers the first year of home ownership but can be […]

How Do Interest Rates Affect Buying Power?

In today’s volatile real estate market, I am often asked by buyers: “Should I wait until the market ‘bottoms out’ before I purchase, or should I act now?” The best answer is: “That depends.” It depends on what you want to accomplish. Are you simply wanting to get the ‘cheapest price’ on a house or […]

What is a Final Walk Through?

“I’ve heard a lot about  a ‘final walkthrough’.  What is this exactly?” – Tammy Hi Tammy. The final walkthrough is one of the last steps a buyer goes through in the escrow process – something they do before they sign their final loan documents.  At the final walkthrough, the buyer will visit their new home […]