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Subterranean Homes That Will Rock Your World

Subterranean Homes That Will Rock Your World

Subterranean homes are anything but ordinary – but before we go scratching our heads in disbelief, consider this: living in an underground home offers these subterrestrials a way of living that is more personal, private, and comfortable.

They can also offer a sense of safety that is unmatched, and permits the opportunity for respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Below is just a few of these incredible homes:

This Swiss vacation rental tunnels through the Alps

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the beauty of the Swiss Alps from their doorstep?

This “concrete box” is situated in a forest in South Korea
From the same architects of the “Concrete Box,” comes this underground meditation spot on Jeju Island, South Korea

Could you imagine the view of the stars at night?

Formerly a Dutch military bunker, this vacation home is only 140 sq ft!

You could boast of lush, maintenance-free landscaping!

This subterranean home was imbedded into the top of a hill in a Greek village of Messenia

Just watch the kids on their bikes…it looks all too tempting!

Catalonia, found in northeastern Spain, offers another incredible vacation rental

The details in the stonework are incredible.

Featuring a green atrium as a roof, this house in Poland is stunning.

What a tranquil place to call “home.”

Architects are still working on building this breathtaking fantasy home in Lebanon

Still scratching your head in disbelief? That’s okay. We choose to admire from afar!



Credit: Michele Koh Morollo, Aug. 15, 2017



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