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Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching! Whether you are rooting for the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles, will you be prepared to host an awesome viewing party come February 4th?


Here are some tips to ensure your party makes everyone feel like a winner, no matter which team loses.



The entryway is the first room anyone sees – set it up in such a way that is organized and easy for people to leave their belongings at the door (jackets, shoes, etc.) and move through as quickly as possible. If you don’t quite have an entryway, you can make due with a coat rack and/or inexpensive baskets.


Next up is the living room or family room. In addition to making sure your TV and sound system (if applicable) are functioning well, you’re going to want to prepare the seating arrangements. Do a quick inventory of the seats you have, and what might make sense in terms of placement. If relocating your seating is not really an option, consider using extra pillows or cushions to create a casual seating area on the floor.


Although the main entertainment is to occur in the living room, the kitchen is just as important as it hosts all the food, napkins, and silverware. Make sure there is plenty of counter space before you start placing the food and utensils so you have space to get organized. Plastic utensils are a must for easy cleanup, but they can get disorganized quickly, so caddies or baskets are highly recommended.

In the age of gluten allergies and dietary preferences, create a space just for these specially prepared items. Additionally, keep some extra utensils specific to this area so they don’t need to travel back and forth. Of course, it is also important to keep the bathroom fully stocked with all the essentials. This way, everyone feels more comfortable and none of your guests have to ask you to replenish the bathroom.



When it comes to food and beverages, variety is key. Finger foods, chips & salsa, chili, etc. are all big hits at parties due to the fact that they are easy to prepare and clean up afterward. Light, healthy options are always good options, too – especially for those still trudging away on their New Year’s resolutions! If you’re planning on hosting potluck style, make sure to keep track of who is bringing what so your party doesn’t have an overabundance or a lack of anything important. The internet is a great resource for all kinds of recipes!

For adult beverages, local brews are typically a hit as well as both red and white wine (as some might prefer one over the other), but it’s always important to offer simple, non-alcoholic beverages like soda, tea, and even flavored water – especially for the designated drivers in the room. It is highly suggested to offer the ability to personalize each cup, so nobody feels the need to continually grab another one if they misplaced theirs. DO NOT FORGET THE ICE!



What is a party without decorations? Some guidelines and ideas include choosing team colors for the party favors and napkins, feature football-inspired foods, decorations, or shapes for the food, as well as football themed plates. Either you or the food should be dressed up – if not both!



If your party is not adults only, you have to prepare for the kiddos! That means offering plenty of food, drinks, and activities/games to keep them entertained and well-fed while the parents relax and enjoy the game. If you don’t have a designated play room already, you can easily set up a small corner of the home for the evening.



There is no way to accurately predict how long the game will last, so set necessary boundaries, and make sure you’re not left staying up all night! Try to organize the parking so guests can easily leave when they need to. Try to make sure you won’t run out of food – leftovers are not bad to have! And just as a tip, clean up here and there throughout the evening so you’re not cleaning into the wee hours of the night. On that note, make sure you have ample cleaning supplies at the ready, as messes do happen. Most importantly – have fun! 





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