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The Top 4 Resale Killers

The Top 4 Resale Killers

There are few things worse than having your home on the market for a lengthy amount of time. The truth is, certain home design features make it harder to sell… Is your home at risk?

Here are some of the most commonly unwanted features in a home:


1. Too Few Bathrooms

There should always be an adequate number of bathrooms relative to the amount of bedrooms in the home. A lack of bathrooms, or even poorly placed bathrooms are difficult features to overcome when selling a home. Convenience is a huge selling factor for a home, so the inverse is also true.

Ideally, bathrooms would be near the bedrooms and recreational areas (basements and the like). And for those two-story homes, an easily-accessible bathroom on the main floor is essential.


2. An Awkward Layout

What you call “unique” might be another person’s “weird,” and that does not sell. If you’re designing a new home, try to refrain from adding unusual features such as too big or too small of rooms, living areas with no direct access to the backyard, etc. Otherwise, you will end up shrinking the pool of potential buyers.

Your best bet when designing a home would be to create space that is functional, and to group bedrooms close together (with the exception of the master).  


3. Distinct Décor

Just like with the layout of your home, your taste may not be the same as most consumers. There isn’t anything wrong with that…until you’re wanting to put your home on the market. A dated interior, or one that is very particular could really affect potential buyers. 

Instead, try to make updates that are fairly neutral and will appeal to most buyers – typically conservative rather than flashy.


4. Not All That’s Green is Sold

While using green materials and designing a home to be environmentally friendly is genuinely good and easier than ever… there are some green design features that could delay the sale of your home because they do not appeal to everyone.

The two biggest “green moves” that people tend to make in Arizona are some of the most problematic for reselling your home: solar panels, and xeriscape (replacing the lawn with artificial grass). While some buyers love having solar panels on a home, others consider them dealbreakers because they do not want to take on the lease.


Credit: Staci Giordullo, Sept. 17, 2017




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