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8 Questions to Ask Your Future Contractor

8 Questions to Ask Your Future Contractor

Whether it’s to make the appropriate repairs for the sake of selling your home, or simply to help with a home improvement project, at some point you will probably need to hire a contractor.

Here are 8 guiding questions to help you do so with confidence:


1. Are you a licensed contractor?

To help ensure that your contractor is adequately trained in both the practices and regulations, ask them if they have obtained the proper license in the state/city where the work will be completed.


2. Do you carry general liability insurance?

Should any property damage occur on site, an adequate general liability insurance will help ensure the contractor is liable.


3. What type of guarantee do you provide?

From price to workmanship, to product warranties and more, guarantees can cover many things. However, the strength of a guarantee depends on the company standing behind it.


4. How does the process work from start to finish?

The contractor should explain the entire process from A to Z. This way, both parties are informed enough to stay on track with what was agreed upon in the contract.


5. Who will be completing the work?

For added peace of mind, knowing the workers’ names and their roles might help with that.


6. Can you provide references?

A contractor should be able to provide you with some references that you can contact to ask how their own projects went.


7. What kind of documentation will you provide?

A contractor who keeps track of the transaction and the project through documentation is extremely helpful for maintaining a record of the process.


8. Will all permits be pulled as required?

The contractor should pull all required permits, depending on the scope of the work, to ensure that all safety and building code regulations and inspections are met for the proper installation.



Credit: Kyle Wimer, Feb. 5, 2013



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